T.C. (Tommy) DOUGLAS

past premier of the Province of Saskatchewan


Prime Minister Pierre Elliott TRUDEAU

address the People of CANADA



"There are many noble Canadians who are now on this side [heaven], who will be able to speak to telepaths like you, and who will guide the leaders of each province. Tell the people to become aware that we are 'alive', that we have an interest in the welfare of Canada, and that we can guide you. The actual applying of pressure to your government lies with you."

2005 12 14 Douglas Helen Many of us would like to talk to you
2005 12 27 Douglas Helen Addresses Ed Schreyer of the NDP
2006 01 23 Douglas Helen Address Elected Members of the NDP
2006 01 24 Douglas Helen Addresses Jack Layton of the NDP
2006 01 26 Douglas Lisa Regaining Control over Government
2006 02 26 Douglas Lisa On Reform, the Native People and Medicare
2006 04 02 Douglas Lisa On "Prairie Giant" - the film on his life
2006 04 08 Douglas Lisa On Electing Politicians
2006 04 19 Douglas Lisa A government which imposes their views
2006 04 30 Trudeau Marjorie Let the Party begin!
2006 09 14 Douglas Lisa Abundance can be yours
2006 09 20 Trudeau Marjorie Fear not the coming chaos
2006 10 20 Douglas Lisa Find New Leaders!
2006 10 31 Trudeau Marjorie Waking up the People
2006 11 09 Trudeau Marjorie On Alberta and the U.S. Election
2006 11 25 Trudeau Marjorie Remembering GASPÉ
2006 12 24 Trudeau Marjorie Christmas Message 2006
2007 02 02 Trudeau Marjorie On POLLUTION in CANADA
2007 02 03 Trudeau Marjorie On the CODEX Law
2007 02 09 Trudeau Marjorie On the Politics of Funding
2007 02 20 Trudeau & Chief Dan George Marjorie Chief Dan George speaks to his people
2007 03 23 Trudeau Marjorie St Patrick's Day
2007 03 23 Trudeau Marjorie On Tibet and Clearing Lands of Dark Energy
2007 04 07 Trudeau Marjorie EASTER Message 2007
2007 05 29 Douglas Lillyean On the formation of coming governments
2007 05 31 Trudeau Marjorie On the DOGON Tribe in Africa
2008 10 12 Douglas Zilanthrah The TRUE CONSTITUTION
2008 10 24 Douglas Zilanthrah STEWARDSHIP with DIVINE GUIDANCE
2008 11 07 Douglas Zilanthrah On the 2008 ELECTION
2009 01 01 Douglas Zilanthrah WINDS of CHANGE
2009 04 27 Douglas Zilanthrah POLITICKING and CHANGE
2009 05 14 Douglas Zilanthrah Let us salute the FARMERS
2009 11 16 Douglas Zilanthrah The LIGHTWORKER PARADE
2010 03 15 Douglas Zilanthrah BUILDERS of the NEW TIMES
2010 07 29 Douglas Zilanthrah Stay Focused on the Light
2011 01 29 Douglas Zilanthrah Addresses the Old Timers
2012 02 01 Douglas Zilanthrah Hello from Tommy Douglas!
2012 0718 Douglas Zilanthrah Canadian Update

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Tommy Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan, Father of Medicare T. C. Douglas (born 1904 in Scotland) was former Premier of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, and Leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.), later renamed the New Democratic Party. He became known as "The Father of Medicare" and in 2004 was voted the Greatest Canadian by the people of Canada in a national phone and e-mail contest, which attracted 1.2 million votes. He passed over in 1986.
A Film on his life entitled "Prairie Giant"was shot in 2005 and was shown on CBC TV in March 2006 [the showing was delayed until AFTER the recent Canadian Election!!].

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Canadian Prime MInister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

In October 1970, Pierre Elliott Trudeau defiantly declared "just watch me." The nation complied, transfixed by the man who was prime minister.

Elected to parliament on the freewheeling heels of Expo '67, Trudeau was just the shot of adrenaline Canada needed in radical, changing times. After decades of prim, stuffed-shirt prime ministers, here was a leader who wore ascots and capes, drove a convertible and dated celebrities.

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Canadian Prime MInister Pierre Elliott Trudeau


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