Messages from the CELESTIALS


Ex-Prime Minister

with Chief Dan George

20th February 2007

through Marjorie

M: = Marje ..... P: = Pierre Trudeau ..... D:. = Chief Dan George

Chief Dan George M: I am inviting Pierre Trudeau this morning.

P: (He is in full native Indian regalia, and with him is Chief Dan George, exactly as I remember him, except younger). I have brought an old friend and he has an important message for his people).

M: Good morning, Chief Dan George, you are looking exceptionally well.

D: I am well and happy to be here. You have met my great granddaughter, and my nephew and I would like you to look them up again. My great granddaughter still wants the painting of the twin spired Indian Church in North Vancouver.

M: I know she ordered the painting but I did not know that she was serious. She had had quite a bit of alcohol that evening.

D: She is serious and you know how to get hold of her. I want you to give her this message that I am giving to her, and all my People.

M: Yes I know how I can get in touch with her. I will do what I can to convey to her your message.

D: My heart hurts for my People. They are losing their identity and they are becoming zombies ... television, booze, video games ... no good.

I am saying to them "Get with the Programme!" Great things are happening, times are changing and most of them are oblivious. Find in the Band one who is aware, there are some and Linda will find them and give them of your knowledge. We have a few band members who are trying very hard to get back to the old ways. They are there and my request today is to seek them out, help them find themselves. There are so many that are lost, the young people have numbed themselves with booze and drugs. Crystal meth among the young generation is appalling. It destroys their beautiful bodies and brain cells in a very short time.

They can feel my tears and I go to them in the dream state. Now that is what I have to say and I'll give you back to my old friend, Pierre.

P: I thought you'd be pleased to see Chief Dan. He is still playing himself!

M: Yes my husband and I loved the movie. I do have a question for you, seeing as he brought up my painting. Brother Ilija has been telling me that I must paint 'alive'. I have been wracking my brain wondering what he meant.

P: You're doing well but what your dear Brother means is you are visualizing the art, but it is still very two dimensional. I see your painting of Rebekah going across the desert to meet Isaac, her groom to be. You have to feel the camels, feel the roughness of their hair, smell the air, the camel dung.

M: Whew, do I have to be that explicit?

P: Never turn up your nose at camel dung ... they used it for fuel, for insulating their homes. Nothing was ever wasted. When you are painting, touch the rocks and trees. Is Rebekah wearing a perfume, some natural scent. Smell her hair, see the blue of her eyes. Breathe life into them, and your viewers will see the painting with new eyes, a living, breathing entity. You have that power.

M: I see my work cut out for me, between you and Dan.

PT: You signed up for it, my dear. Your work will be sought after and up to this point, you have not realized your full capabilities. We see it here on the other side and are so thrilled. We love and applaud your efforts.

M: Thank you, and thanks for bringing Chief Dan. He has always been a hero to our family.

P: Say goodbye for now. I know Dan will want to come back after you have made contact with his family members.

M: I look forward to further meetings with both of you. Again I want to know when?

P: In the fullness of time!

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