Messages from the CELESTIALS


Ex-Prime Minister

on the DOGON Tribe

31st May, 2007

through Marjorie

I hear a knocking on what sounds like hollow wood and Pierre appears in tribal African costume, with some huge carved wooden masks.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau with Dogon masks, by Marjorie M: Knock knock, who's there?

P: Dogon

M: Dogon who?

P: Doggone but you have been ignoring me!

M: I haven't been ignoring you. I talk to you every day but you haven't been listening. You're too busy with worldly affairs.

P: We're on the cusp ... the Earth is teetering on the cusp of great changes. Life as we've known it for eons is quickly changing, and we are so fortunate to be alive (as he chuckles) to experience these Changes.

M: I am aware of what the other telepaths are saying, and it is like sitting on pins and needles. Not too comfortable at this point I must say.

P: It will definitely be worth the agony and discomfort. I want to tell you about a people in the heart of Africa who have been aware of these changes and the upcoming Shift for eons. They feel they live in the birthplace of civilization, and that could very well be. Their folk tales tell of a giant ostrich egg from which hatched the first man, and from another egg popped up his mate. They have watched the stars, and have had visitors from the stars for hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. They maintain a friendly communion with their Brothers and Sisters from Space. There is no fear, just a common bond of love and friendship. To the Dogons that is just the way it is.

M: That is certainly admirable, compared to the secrecy and the lame excuses which our Government comes up with to explain sightings, that are becoming more and more prevalent in our area.

P: They are showing themselves more and more, and are ready to be recognized for Who They Are, our benevolent Space Family.

We require their assistance, Mother Gaia needs help badly and they are in 'ready' mode to get on with the show.

M: Those are beautiful masks you are showing me.

P: The Dogon masks are in demand all over the world. The time has come to take the masks off, and tell the truth. We all have our masks, our deceptions and no longer will they be acceptable. All will be known, no more cover ups or lies. It's not a comfortable place because we've all been too complacent, too accepting of the Government leaders. Those people, whom we have been taught to revere and respect, have been caught with soiled hands. Truths are coming out that will disturb some, anger many and make many more squirm. We will be able to see each other's true colours, and it's not always a pretty picture. Back to the Dogon culture ... I am holding it up to you merely as an example, not a history lesson. They have been able to sequester themselves out of media attention; in fact they scorn attention and western hoopla. They think we in the rest of the world are the backward nations.

That is very close to the truth and they have the knowledge and abilities to live in harmony with Mother Earth, that we should be aspiring to. The crops are grown with assistance from the devas and nature spirits. They acknowledge their presence in an attitude of gratitude, and the crops generally flourish and often do well in spite of drought and poor soil. Some years are better than others, but as opposed to the rest of Africa, famine and starvation have not touched them.

M: They certainly don't need all the conveniences we take for granted - big homes, cars and just the wastefulness of our societies.

P: Their homes are mud huts built in a concentric pattern, a design given them by the Star People. Their rituals, songs, dances are a tribute to their God, and the gifts bestowed them. They are thankful for the crops, and do not take anything from the Earth unless a prayer is given to the animal's soul, or to the spirit of the plant to sustain life.

They take nothing for granted and we need to honour their dedication. I am so pleased to have met some of their tribal leaders and though communication was cumbersome, I felt their integrity and strength.

M: We would do well to incorporate some of their values, and be more mindful in our consumption of the Earth's resources.

P: That is a lesson you may pass on ... hopefully not on deaf ears

M: I saw a picture of your little grandson, Pierre and he's your namesake. I think he has a strong resemblance to you.

P: We certainly have the same hairline. Yes, I am so proud of those kids and there's another baby coming in October to Justin and his wife. The Trudeau name will carry on, and I will move on. We will meet again very soon, ne c'est pas?

M: Right. Au revoir, and thanks for your words of wisdom once again.

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