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23rd March, 2007

through Marjorie

Pierre Elliott Trudeau as Tibetan yak herder, by Marjorie M: Good morning, and who do we have here today? Don't tell me you're a Buddhist monk?

P: No but you're close, too hairy for a monk but I'm a Tibetan yak herder.

M: Too funny, and how did you grow all that hair so fast.

P: Think it and it's done, but after awhile you do get bored with that ability.

M: And as a yak herder, what is it you do?

P: Well before I went to prison - sorry, to 24 Sussex Drive! - I went to Tibet for a few months to find myself. What I really found was that I was not really lost, but what I did discover was a lifelong longing to go back and a great respect for the Tibetan people. I was on a spiritual quest, like many of the young people of the 70s. The Beatles were our channels, 'make love, not war' was our mantra. My friends scorned commercialism, consumerism, spiritualism, anti-establishmentarism, all the 'isms'. Nothing has changed, only more of the same. I had no quarrel about being the poor little rich boy my friends called me, it opened doors and allowed me freedoms they certainly didn't have.

M: Yes my kids were young teens in that era and it was a scary time to be raising kids.

P: You did a good job. Back to Tibet, it was heartbreaking for me to see the devastation and destruction of sacred artwork and statues. The Chinese had wrecked havoc on these beautiful sites, the sacred objects and the quiet unassuming peoples. However I heard not a word of anger or outrage, and the devastation was heartbreaking. The yak is so important to their livelihood, a beautiful animal.

M: Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

P: Look into those beautiful soulful eyes, and behold God. They are there only to serve, their milk feeds their children, makes the cheese, the butter (ghee), the meat is cooked, the skins cover their houses (the yurts), their clothing is made from the hides. They are used for conveyance to bring salt/corn and whatever they can grow in their sandy soil to market. We can learn much from the Tibetan people, on community living, forgiveness and survival under austere circumstances.

M: That certainly is true. I'm sure you are very proud of your son and his entry into the political venue.

P: With a son like Justin, it's easy to be proud. Like he said though, 'don't expect my father'. He has a softness, a passion and an empathy for Mother Earth and its inhabitants. It certainly is a good thing they don't burn those free thinkers at the stake anymore.

Speaking of which, there are many areas in North America and around the world that need Lightweavers to go in and cleanse the areas where atrocities have occurred over millennia. [see "Healing the Land" at http://ca.geocities.com/healing_the_land/ - Milson] They will be like animal rights people washing the oil buildup after an oil spill. The black energy over these areas is like the gooey mess after an oilspill ..... sticky dark energy that has to be cleansed.

Pollution is one thing, but these black thought forms have formed pockets of dark energy that need to be dissipated, areas like Salem, Mass., Atlanta, Georgia, New Orleans, The Tower of London, Beirut, there are hundreds more.

M: We will do roves and attempt to make these areas clean again, with the help of the Angels and Celestials, it will be done.

P: Thank you, dear one, and thank you for the representations you have done. They are quite accurate and your work is starting to take on a life of its own. I can see you're having a lot of enjoyment doing it too.

M: I do and thanks for visiting today. I look forward to our next meeting.

P: I too...goodbye.

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