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St Patrick's Day Message

16th March, 2007

through Marjorie

Portarit of Pierre Elliott Trudeau by Marjorie M: Welcoming Pierre Trudeau, and what a feast for sore eyes you are, a regular Irish leprechaun! (Pierre comes in dancing an Irish jig, all in green, with a fedorah, green tights and high top boots with big buckles.)

P: Top of the morning to you, my bonnie colleen.

M: And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. I know leprechauns are real, and you sure could pass for one...not that I've ever seen one.

P: Yes, they are part of the devic kingdom, and are all over the world, not just in Ireland. How they came to be connected with St. Patrick's Day is a mystery. Also the dragons that St. Patrick was to have chased out of Ireland were real. They along with dinosaurs are in another dimension, awaiting re-entry into the Antarctic region. However, being total vegetarians, they are absolutely no threat to humans! Myself, I'm just looking forward to some green beer today!

M: Hmmm...you mean there are spirits in Heaven?

P: (Giggling) Of course you mean the liquid kind. Yes we have anything we can wish for and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a toddy once in a while. It's all about moderation in all things, and abuse of any good thing is unwise.

M: Speaking of abuse of power, I am extremely nervous those charlatans in Washington will push the wrong button and annihilate us all!

P: It won't happen, dear one, not to worry. The nuclear armaments have all been neutralized by our Star People, and are completely worthless. My biggest regret is giving/selling the Candu reactor to the peoples of India in the 70s. Their economy at the time was such that they were needing electric power for economic development, and my very naive reasoning was they could use nuclear power for industrial use. Indira Gandhi and I had many heated discussions because their scientists discovered fissionable materials to create their own bomb. Canada, being very neutral at the time as always did not have nuclear arms, in fact I was very against Nixon's testing of atomic bombs in Alaska. What a fiasco that was! But, I'm assuring you, nuclear devices destroy the very fabric of space and will never again be allowed.

M: That is good to know. Tomorrow is a going to be a very difficult day for my husband and I, in saying goodbye to our dear friend of 40 years. We were so very close.

P: He is doing well, and his message is "I can see clearly now!" (he only had one eye and limited sight in the other eye). He is the epitome of love in action, and appreciates the love and caring shown to him and his beloved in the time before his passing. He is learning forgiveness and will be working with newly arrived young souls when he finishes his classroom training. His every thought is for the loved ones left behind.

You know, failure to forgive can crystallize the cellular structure of the human body and cause cancer. That is a fact. Anger and hurt must be released, otherwise they cause fatal illnesses. A hard heart has heart attacks; high cholesterol is just a myth put out by the drug lords to sell their toxic potions. Family history and a predisposition to heart disease play a very minor role; the rest is all about choice. You can choose to not allow those factors to affect you. Fear and lack of forgiveness (and that means forgiving yourself) will culminate in cancers.

Love heals all and surround yourself and your loved ones in a cocoon of Love and Golden Light and it eases the sorrow of the group that is gathered there for the memorial service, and will encompass the whole town, the country and the entire continent. Your healing Light will be magnified a thousand times a thousand, that's the Power of one enlightened Being. With that thought I will bid you adieu, my fair lady.

M: Thank you dear Pierre for your kind words ..... until next time.

(With that he skipped away ..... and I have been asked to draw what I see and I tried to do that and am attaching a picture of my drawing. I am so proud of myself to have the technical expertise to do this on my computer!).

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