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The Politics of Funding

9th February 2007

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: (Enter Pierre with American Beauty rose, deep red cravat and tie). Thanks for the rose and a happy Valentine to you too.

P: Do you know St. Valentine was deeply romantic but had a lousy love life? I can relate.

M: I won't touch that one! (laughs). We got married on Valentine's so my husband can never say he forgot our anniversary.

P: A love that has survived and thrived over half a century is admirable in this day and age.

M: Yeah our kids say we're like the dinosaurs, an extinct species. No one stays married that long.

P: The dinosaurs aren't really extinct, they're just in another place and you will see them back on Planet Earth in your lifetime.

M: Really? That will be exciting. But I have a question posed to me from my cohorts. Please comment on Harper's plans to recruit more troops and increase military spending. I find that deplorable when our Medical System is floundering and the Ministry of Children and Families justify cutting Child Care Resources? We await your comments.

P: He's like a little boy playing with guns, over inflated with his own power and his mentor is in the White House ..... monkey see, monkey do. They need to watch their ratings, neither are gaining any popularity with their people. The people have spoken, the people have marched in Peace Marches, the people are speaking out and they will be heard! The game of power mongering and needless military spending is done, over, nada. I find it so disheartening that our elected officials continue to be so oblivious to what their constituents really want. That has to change and is changing as we speak! Trust me on that one.

M: I trust you. I don't read the news except for Arts and Leisure, and rarely listen to TV and a few days after you spoke on the Codex Law, my friend Milson sent me a long article on it, and also I read a letter to the Editor about the withdrawal of the Child Care Resources programme. I said to my husband "Wow, Pierre just told me about all that!"

P: The mothers of the World are getting outraged, and the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. The feminine Goddess energy is coming forth after eons of being squelched by male dominance.

We do have some civilized nations that have adequate funding for children and families, but the Western World is too obsessed with living beyond their incomes, and something has to give and we know that is the family unit. The Scandinavian countries have daycare right in the workplace and the mother can leave at any time with no admonishment to feed her child, to take time out to read to her children and be there for them if they're hurt or sad. They find that productivity has actually increased, less sick time off work and a happier, a healthier employee and well adjusted, happy children are the result.

M: What can be done here to change to a more humane system?

P: Vote for leaders who have a People First platform, rather than promises written in sand. We need leaders who are mindful of the Earth's depleting resources and what we don't need is fear mongering about terrorists. The terror is within the human heart in Canada, for adequate housing, and how to feed, clothe and care for their families. Living with that stress causes breakdown of the home, illness and depression. Fear is a two edged sword, to keep you subservient and blinded to the truth.

M: Again you've given me a lot to think about and I am honoured to spend this time with you. Thanks.

P: Thanks for the opportunity and have a wonderful anniversary.

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