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On the CODEX Law

3rd February 2007

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: I am inviting Pierre...'Pierre Trudeau, please come as a guest, and with your grace this house is blessed.

P: That's lovely and my pleasure in being invited.

M: You look like a breath of spring, with your mauve shirt and tie, and look at that lovely pot of coral miniature roses...how thoughtful of you.

P: Today we are going to talk about the Codex Law which the rogue Governments have been trying to pass for at least seven years. In the '60s a very loose law was passed in Canada, regarding patenting and approving prescription drugs into the marketplace, and as you know drugs properly prescribed have killed more people than car accidents. The 'for instances' of course were VioXX and Celebrex last year, but there are hundreds of others. Codex requires that all natural remedies, herbal supplements, vitamins, etc., any of the items you purchase at your health-food stores or apothecaries, must carry bar coding and be patented. This takes years and years of study and costs millions of dollars. Most of the Companies manufacturing and distributing these products would go out of business, prohibiting you from receiving the health-giving products you are used to.

This law has been voted down many times, and Orem Hatch from Utah, one of the few U.S. Senators who has my admiration, was successful due to thousands and thousands of petitions in having it defeated two years ago. They are very sneakily trying to have it put through without notifying the Public.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Shout from the rooftops, send letters to your newspapers, do what has to be done to stop this gross manipulation of people's rights. (Pierre is pacing...I can see he is so upset).

M: I will pass this message on and hopefully the Lightworkers will unite to stop this madness. More and more of our rights are being taken away every day.

P: You are right. While you're at it...do me another favour. That childcare credit is a joke and only helps the rich, and tomorrow's generation are falling through the cracks. Mothers are having to work...how can they not when housing prices are through the roof, and rents and mortgages take 60% of the Dad's salary. We need to do here what they do in France...they pay the mothers a full salary for years to stay at home with their children until the child is of school age. That is humane and civilized.

M: You're giving me a huge lot to think about this morning, and I know these Governments are corrupt, but what can the ordinary person do to change things?

P: Be aware, speak out and tell your friends and neighbors what is going as they complacently sit on their duffs in front of a preposterously programmed TV. Every drug ad you see, every programme is that, subliminal programming to make you more and more brain-dead. Child, that's the truth, you are aware enough to know it but millions don't.

M: On a brighter note, I'm noticing buds on my magnolia tree which tells me spring is not far away. Vancouver has had a wicked winter, but probably not half as bad as the rest of the country. My son always said when I lectured him 'Mom my brain is full' and that's how I feel this morning.

P: I didn't mean to scare you but that's the way it is; and it takes all of us together, you, me, the common working man and woman to wake up smell the coffee. Meanwhile I'll let you get back to your coffee. Be of good cheer, it's going to be a lovely day.

M: I am happy to be of service and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions later this week. Good bye.

P: God speed dear one.

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