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2nd February 2007

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer P: Bonjour Marjorie ... good to see you back!

M: Bonjour Pierre and I'm happy to be back ... the weather was certainly unseasonable on the desert and in California.

P: All because of man's inhumanity to man: your politicians on both sides of the border are waking up from their complacency. People are demanding action. It's too little too late, I'm afraid.

M: True. You look like a Renaissance painter this morning with your navy beret, red cape and pointer. Is that a canvas and we're going to paint?

P: (He unrolls the canvas and it's actually a large map of Canada). I'm so pleased with the work your team is accomplishing in the Gaspe region and that is commendable. Unfortunately there are many other scars on the face of our magnificent land. (He has a laser pointer in his hand).

M: Is that a laser pointer...I thought those were dangerous.

P: Only when used carelessly .... it's my new toy.

M: Boys and their toys. I see you are pointing to my old stomping grounds, around Northern Ontario. That is such a beautiful area.

P: Parts of it still are, but Kirkland Lake, Elliott Lake, Red Lake, Sudbury are an abomination. Sudbury has become like the moonscape with nary a living tree or blade of grass in sight. The people's health is suffering in a huge way, due to lack of good water and of course nothing of any nutritional value can be grown. Their water has an alarmingly high radiation count. I am concerned and heartsick. Al Gore's movie has had an impact on the people and all across the country, and the world's people are demanding action. With new technologies these areas can be given new life within two years but the awareness of the politicians must change. Tomorrow I will speak to you about another urgent need but I can see you are getting tired. That long drive has depleted your energy and I will bid you goodbye for today.

M: You're right, I am feeling a bit wasted these last two days. Thank you and I will be here for you tomorrow. (He pulls out a beautiful white rose from under his smock -it looks like velvet - he always brings roses, seems to be his trademark.)

P: Goodbye dear one, and rest today.

M: I love the rose...it's gorgeous.

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