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24th December, 2006

through Marjorie

Festival of Trees, Vancouver 2005 M: Pierre, you wish to come to greet the people this Christmas Eve?

P: (With a red stocking cap with fur trim ..... looking every bit the jolly elf!) I want to wish each and everyone the merriest of Christmases and let the upcoming year be one of joy and fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams.

M: It has certainly been a year of great frustration and it can only get better.

P: We in the realm beyond time and space are in awe of the work of the Light. Every day is like a giant popcorn machine of lights on Planet Earth, from our viewpoint ..... millions of lights popping all over, so many twinkling over here, more over there .... pop, pop, pop. It is truly a spectacular sight and we are so thrilled and proud.

The gigantic awakening of humanity to their Higher Purpose is a feat we only ever envisioned even a year ago.

M: I can imagine it would be a glorious sight. I see you brought me white Christmas roses...they are gorgeous.

P: They're really not roses, but aren't they so pretty.

M: Thank you Mr. Horticulturist, I wouldn't have known they really aren't roses. I wanted to ask you what you thought of the Liberal Convention.

P: It was a non sequitur ..... I see you looked it up in the dictionary ... not getting the results aspired to. That is it ..... non sequitur. You have a movie 'The Devil Wears Prada', well I feel the devil wears a green tie ..... ha ha! We must feel only love and joy today so I'll let it pass for now. In fact let the joy bubble in your heart grow and encompass all of your family, your extended family and friends, your City, the surrounding area until it extends all over Canada and the entire North American continent and finally bubbling and bursting throughout all of this glorious blue Planet.

M: Thank you. I will do that and my prayer is for Peace throughout the world and let it be so. There seems a lightening of the energies and people seem to be more relaxed this hectic season than other years ..... or is that just my imagination?

P: As I told you earlier, the masses are waking up, knowing something wonderful is afoot and though they may not be consciously aware of what it is at this moment, they know something wonderful is going to happen. That's it! Happy, happy holidays, and remember to stay in your joy bubble.

M: Thank you again Pierre and love and joy to you and all of my Spiritual family today and always.

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