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Remembering GASPÉ

25th November, 2006

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: Welcoming you, dear Mr. Trudeau.

P: Not so formal, dear girl, Pierre will do just fine. This morning I want to give you a poem:

"To sing, to laugh, to dream
To walk in my own way
Free to cock my hat where I choose
To fight, to write ..... to travel any road,
Under the sun or the stars,
And if my nature wants that which grows,
Towering to heaven like the mountain pine,
I'll climb, not high perhaps, but all alone."

M: That's so beautiful and so like you...

P: That's actually from Cyrano de Bergerac. Believe it or not I emulated to Cyrano while in College, and had that poem taped to my mirror. Cyrano, the arch romantic, while my romances were non existent at that point. He was a loner, taunted and teased, never quite understood, and I could relate.

M: I can also relate .....

P: I want to commend the Group for the healing work done in Alberta, you have no idea what powerful Beings you are. I am impressed, and with that he hands me a very dusty purple rose from his lapel.

M: That is so different, I love it.

P: This rose is the Lilac Charm ...... while living in Hull I became very knowledgeable on roses, there are thousands of different strains, all glorious. I had a different colour in my lapel at all times, from the Governor General's greenhouse. This one represents the Violet Ray and will facilitate your healing in the days to come. Another area needing healing is the Gaspé Peninsula in my beloved Quebec. There are large festering boils in Mother Gaia in that area, and many affected by asbestosis from the asbestos in the air and water. Do not allow this information to depress you, it is their chosen path and very soon all will be revealed, and healing come to those who choose it. Do what you can to send healing rays to the area and trust that soon we will see major turnarounds in all aspects of Life on our Beloved Planet ..... be of good cheer. The holiday season is fast approaching and it will be like no other! We are applauding the Lightworkers who have been so diligent.

M: I feel we have made great strides, in spite of great ridicule from our peers.

P: Like Cyrano ... know that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! Good morning dear one, and look after that cold.

M: Thank you Pierre, I will and I send much love to you and yours this holiday season.

P: You will be very blessed

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