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Ex-Prime Minister

on Alberta and the U.S. Election

9th November, 2006

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: I welcome you, dear Pierre, this morning. I am sensing a feeling of great jubilation mixed with consternation this morning. (He hands me the pink wild rose wrapped in glitter paper).

P: This is the provincial flower of Alberta. I have a great deal of concern regarding that Province and want you and your team to send healing energies to that part of your great land. When I was in power I was blessed to have the co-operation of Premier Lougheed. We worked out an agreement with the National Energy Board - what was good for Alberta was also for the greater good of all of Canada.

That has now been debased and the greed and corruption have caused great devastation. The current mindset of the majority of the population is more, more, gimme, gimme, gimme, money, oil, oil money ..... an unstoppable and seemingly never-ending game of Monopoly. That part of Canada needs your prayers, and the assistance and healing of the devas, the Keepers and Guardians and I am begging my dear Lightworkers to send the Blue Ray, Pink and Violet Rays to the oilfields of Alberta, to bring commonsense to the populace and Government leaders.

On a brighter note the election in the U.S. will gradually change the power structure in Canada as well. I was fortunate to have President Carter as he and I had a healthy relationship, based on mutual understanding and a real caring for the good of our people. We had a common bond and there were areas that were not always above board, because of controls we worked under, but our intent was always for the betterment of the working people, the backbone of our two great nations.

M: How does this election affect Canada? My feeling has been that Harper and Bush are pretty much on the same page, and intent on feathering their own nests. They mouth the words but the intent is not always the highest and best.

P: You are correct in that assessment and I would say rarely!

There will be positive changes, and currently there will be a great sorting and how it will play out remains to be seen. They are both very aware of the massive changes that are occurring, and I will tell you they don't like it at all! The hallowed Halls are tumbling down and if I were ever to hear the truth from their diatribes and ramblings it would be a red letter day. Read between the lines, my dears, and logic will tell you what to believe. May God be with you and I take my leave. I have to tell you that the Lightworkers are doing the most amazing job and we are in awe of what you have accomplished.

M: Thanks, Pierre, and we are in total awe also of the help we are receiving each and every day. If it weren't for the positive feedback and reassuring words from the Higher Realms, we aren't sure how we'd keep plodding along in the murk and mire we are ingesting from our TV and newspapers ... I rarely read them!

P: It best not to bring that lunacy into your consciousness ...... keep up the good work. Blessings to you and your co-workers.

M: Goodbye for now.

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