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Waking Up the People

31st October, 2006

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: I hear you Pierre. Whenever I smell roses I know Pierre is out and about. This morning it is a whole big bunch. They are yellow and oh so beautiful.

P: (He starts singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas") I am bringing you a belated birthday gift.

M: Oh thank you, bless you. I love your costume this morning. (He is Count Dracula, cape, teeth and all). You have such a wonderful sense of humour and the world needs more laughter.

P: I know and I am trying to defuse a tense situation and you can see I'm out for blood. The Mother is bleeding, and time for Mother Earth is running out. Tony Blair is making an effort (too little too late). The complacency of the Canadian Government and the American Government makes me seethe. The movie by Al Gore is waking up the populace and they are having to face the music, and it's not a pretty picture. The Tar Sands in Alberta are a major sore on the face of that Province and no one is saying a word. It is an absolute travesty!

M: I know and I hear the politicians mouthing phrases 'within five years we'll do this and this' and I know without a doubt we don't have five years!

P: David Suzuki has tried for years to make himself heard but he has been squelched every step of the way. The threats were evil, against his family and his ability to earn a living in Canada. The Illuminati stop at nothing. He is a good man working for us and is a Lightworker we hold in great regard. In the 90s he informed the leaders that the Planet had perhaps ten years, if emissions were not reduced and Kyoto Accords implemented. His words fell on deaf ears and you my dear ones are facing the consequences of their heinous ways.

M: As you were singing Yellow Rose of Texas, I was reminded of the Dixie Chicks. Their movie is coming out and is impacting the population too and they are to be commended for their stand against the Texan, and the lies and corruption.

P: I am going to remain quiet on that subject ... like you see before a raunchy movie "Viewer Discretion - could be coarse language". I'm afraid to start on that subject. After all this is a fun day and I'm in a jovial mood because this is All Saints Day and the Saints are marching in. We are going to see massive changes and we are as eager as you are to get them underway. There will be great jubilation and a great time will be had by all. Stay tuned for further reports. (With that he swept his cape around himself and bowed and waved.)

M: Bye Pierre, I love you and thank you for the bouquet. You are so special.

P: You are too and call on me anytime. I love you too.

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