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Let the Party begin!

30th April, 2006

through Marjorie

Canadian insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enjoying a beer M: Good morning Mr. Trudeau, I am so honoured to be speaking with you. My, you look handsome this morning. You have the look of a Victorian gentleman, with your long suit coat with a mandarin collar, spats and boots and a top hat. I will hold that picture because I want to paint it.

P: I am a little outrageous and I am giving you a white rose. White is for victory - you have climbed the highest mountain, swum the deepest river, conquered the Enemy. We across the veil are applauding and cheering - let the party begin.

M: We are awaiting word that victory has been achieved.

P: It will be broadcast far and wide. You are to be commended for your valiant efforts. Remember the moon landing. To us it feels very similar, one small step for mankind that is reverberating across the Galaxy. You have achieved the seemingly impossible. Nothing is impossible with the valiant efforts of a handful of committed souls. We are so in love with the Lightworkers of the planet.

M: I do have a feeling of lightness of Being and that is a feeling I have not experienced for quite some time.

P: It is your natural state of Being from this day forth. (Pierre does a little jig at this point).

M: You are quite the party animal, I can see that.

P: My cup runneth over, I am overcome with joy and we will be serving you the nectar of the Gods when we next gather.

M: You are certainly getting me excited though I see no outward signs of actual change.

P: Be jubilant and know that it is done. Be of courage because you will be called upon to serve the brothers and sisters who have no idea what has hit them. Meanwhile ... dance, dance, dance ...it's party time! (With that he bowed and handed me the white rose).

M: Thank you and good bye Mr. Trudeau.

Canadian Insights2: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau Canadian Insights2: The Canadian Maple Leaf:

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