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addresses Canadians again
Abundance can be yours

14th September 2006

through Lisa

Dear brothers and sisters, are you feeling the smothering of living in a world with not enough money, too much stress, mounting bills, the lack of peace and joy in your life? Well I have some good news. Abundance can be yours. You can live in a peaceful world, you can have all the material things you desire, no more bills to pay. The choice is yours. Your government have decided to join forces to fight terrorism. The only terror that exists is many nations lack what the others have or want. Seems to me there is plenty to go around. Yes 9/ll happened. Sadly it was masterminded by Americans. North American governments want you to think there is terrorism, they want you to be afraid, to live in fear. This way they have control over you. It took 9/ll to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

If they scare you enough, they can take more freedom from you, impose more laws you won't like. And then when you retaliate to those laws, it will give them permission to impose martial law. They can then arrest anyone they like for no reason. They are already doing this. Already they have placed you in a war zone by sending our soldiers to war. Does a peaceful nation spend millions to create more military, more weapons, more fear? I think not. Goodness is the only answer to evil in the world. Have you forgotten?

They already plan to have guns pointed at you at border crossings. They love to spend your money for their own endeavours while you play with all your toys (fancy cars, boats, casinos, more appliances, addictive foods) and they provide you with for your enjoyment. Maybe if they keep you busy enough, you might not notice what they are really planning to do. This is very dangerous my friends.

It's time you take your power back. Time to speak up. Do you want our young soldiers to be part of the illusion that we must be at war? Or do we want our soldiers to be keepers of peace? We are known all over the world as peacekeepers. Be supporters of peace. Millions of dollars are being spent on more military weapons and equipment as we speak so that more innocent people can be killed. Leaders of countries have been responsible for wars throughout history. Men, women and children of those nations are just unfortunate bystanders. It's time for it to stop. Let's call back our soldiers. Both Canadian and American.

Have you noticed since the Bush family have invaded the Middle East and seized the oil, oil prices have not declined? You are told they are there to fight terrorism. The truth my friends is they are there to take what they want for their own gain.

There have always been many alternatives to using oil to fuel your vehicles. We know vehicles can be designed to run on electricity, or vegetable oil. Some have invented vehicles that operate on water alone. We also have other forms of energy available to operate our appliances. Zero point energy is free and your governments have known it for decades. To change would mean all corporations and those who own them would lose millions of dollars. They would also lose control over you. The wealthy would cease to be wealthy. You must believe that we have these alternative resources. The world is an illusion, created by the wealthy. It's time we speak out and demand these free alternatives.

I leave you now with the knowledge that the kind of world you wish for is possible. We can all live in a world where there is peace, abundance, wisdom, respect for each other's diversity and cultures. We can have a world in which we are working together to restore our damaged planet and care for all life on it. Together we can make this happen. It is time to act. Speak out so that your children and their children have a future.

I am Tommy C Douglas

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