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TOMMY DOUGLAS on the new Canadian Government

A government which imposes their views upon the people
rather than consulting with them

19th April, 2006

through Lisa

"I have been observing the new government of Canada. There seem to be many changes about to transpire. And many of them will not be popular with the majority of Canadians. Again we have a government who wishes to impose what they think is right without consulting the people.

Will they want to protect the ideas of marriage and the family structure? Will they respect two of the same gender loving and caring for each other if they choose to? What message will they be giving to our youth who will be leaders of tomorrow? That God loves all people equally even though they are different?

Abortion is a personal decision for a woman. Will the government allow a woman do so without interference? Of course giving the child for adoption would be the better choice. There are many couples without children who would adopt them. Let's try to empathize with these young women, while educating them and support them through a troubling time.

We must first change what adults and young children view on the television and theatres. We must insist on respect for our bodies, and remove violence, aggression and greed from the screen. If we start to oppose such programming, we can start to change the thinking of our youth. It is up to us to make sure we send out the right message to our children. Let us teach them what is right and what is wrong at a very early age. Do not be afraid to discipline your children when young. First of all show the proper behaviour. If their behaviour is unacceptable, let them know they have to make changes and why. They will be better adults and respect you for it later. That is all Lisa, I send my blessings to all.

I am Tommy C. Douglas."

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