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TOMMY DOUGLAS on Electing Politicians

9th April, 2006

through Lisa

This subject has been well covered in the article http://insights2.org/nesara/Govt.html and it is good to see a 'politician' finally waking up! Anyone have e-mail addresses for the people mentioned?? ..... Milson

"Ottawa: Belinda Stronach halted her efforts to organize a Liberal leadership campaign yesterday expressing distaste for backroom politics, delegate deal making and the feeling she was not free to speak out about party renewal. Stronach, 39, said she had a decent chance of winning, but has decided to recast herself as a crusader for reform of the leadership process. "In order to really restore trust in politicians every citizen needs to feel that they are involved directly and have a direct say. That includes members of the Liberal Party. I would rather see a Liberal party with millions of members where each and every individual has a direct vote. We have the technology. I would rather spend my energies working toward the goal than running in a system that still values political deals for delegates over the free market of ideas. "

Reg Alcock, the former Treasury Board president who was heading her campaign efforts, said Stronach didn't like being in the "bubble" that leadership candidates find themselves in - being told what to do and what to comment on by handlers.

She hated the restrictions that she was having to accept as we went through this process. He said, "We were doing all the standard things and she hated it." Stronach vowed instead to crusade as an MP for a profound overhaul of the leadership process to provide a one-member-one-vote election system. Such a system is a cornerstone of a possible leadership run by MP David McGuinty, brother of Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty. Steve MacKinnon, director of the Liberal Party executive said "Stronach had never mentioned this system but McGuinty had done so. The executive decided weeks ago the leadership process, carved in the party constitution, must stay intact unless there is a policy convention to change the process. Stronach who left her $12 million a year corporate position for a political career crossed the floor to the Liberals a year ago and was re-elected in Newmarket Aurora on Jan. 23/06"

Yes, I wish to send my love to the people of Canada. I want them to know even though I have passed on I still believe in justice for all. Together you hold the future of our great nation in your hands. You hold the power to sustain a Canada in which every citizen continues to receive free medical care, good housing, access to financial aide, a good job, good education including university.

Canadians are sadly burdened not knowing what party to elect into parliament. Look first to the achievements of the party. Did the policies benefit all provinces of Canada? Look for the political figure who believes in rights for all Canadians from coast to coast. One who is confident he or she will not be swayed from his or her beliefs once elected. Yes, I agree most whom you have elected find out they can't introduce the policies that benefit all. They must succumb to those with power. So they are forced to compromise their policies. Policies and laws get introduced that most times benefit only a few corporations, industries, government, politicians, and banks.

Remember to elect with your heart. Remember what is important. Love for all, rights for all people, whether they are poor, gay, single parents, of different cultures. The laws of a government should reflect the welfare and need of all Canadians. Make them accountable.
I am Tommy C. Douglas.

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