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"Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story"

2nd April, 2006

through Lisa

Good day Lisa. I am so pleased that you decided to contact me again. Since we last spoke I was thrilled to behold the wonderful movie that was presented about my life. I was so amazed at the quality of such a production and I must say that I was well portrayed by a certain young actor. I must congratulate everyone who was in the production. I am truly honored. I send my thanks to all who viewed it on the television. It brought tears to my eyes to recapture those moments when people of those times were abused, oppressed, were jobless, rejected and hungry. How my heart yearned to help them. Not for one moment did I hesitate and realize that I had to become involved. I had to start fighting for the very rights that everyone deserved.

Many folks in those days suffered at the hands of the government and its laws. The government was more interested in preserving itself and receiving greater wealth.

Dear brothers and sisters, find it in your hearts to make sure that your rights are never taken away from you again. Do not let the government destroy our Medicare system. Fight for better medical equipment and better service. Do fight for better books and supplies for our children in your schools. But be mindful not to ask for more pay then you should earn. There are too many who have so little pay. Always share the wealth.

That is all I have to say today. I am Tommy C. Douglas, once Premier of Saskatchewan, and a Brother to all.

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