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TOMMY DOUGLAS addresses the

26th February, 2006

through Lisa

I am always happy to be of service to mankind through the use of such a wonderful talent as telepathy. Please tell the people of Canada that am as committed to helping them now as I was when I was Premier of Saskatchewan. There are many issues that need reform.

What has happened to our native people? They are still in the same position as they were years ago. There is no excuse for still having reserves and our poor natives prisoners to the system. The government should have integrated natives into our society a long time ago. They could all be educated and leading productive lives if this had been done. I wish to see more talks on the agenda about this matter.

There are also many problems with the Medicare system, especially in the way it is administered today. With the cost of equipment as it is, mismanagement of the system has made it difficult to keep up with the cost of everything. There are many injustices within the system. The workers are entitled to more pay, better equipment so that the people of Canada can receive the medical care they are paying for. When will the people realize that the system will burst at the seams if greed continues and the system is made to wobble? We have the best medical system in the world. And I do not believe that it is being threatened by private clinics. The clinics will always be used by a few people who are waiting on long lists for catscans and MRI. Please let's all be reasonable about this. We do not want to lose this precious privilege. I will continue to work for the interests of little guy as well as the wealthy of Canada.

I ask all politicians in the government at this time to reflect on what I have said today. That is all.

I am Tommy Douglas, Father of Medicare.

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