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On Regaining Control over Government

21st January, 2006

Through Lisa

Thank you Lisa for inviting me. I am very pleased with your progress on telepathy. We can use many more to convey the many messages that will help restore Canada. As you know that is my soul mission - to help the dear country that I love.

How can I help you?

By studying my suggestions and educating the people that you meet on a daily basis. You can tell them that our government is owned by great, dark, powerful people We need to regain control of our rights as a sovereign country. We need to regain control of our resources: oil, water, minerals. These are ours in our own right. We need the people to realize that they have a say in government decisions. The House of Commons needs to have free vote on all laws being passed.

We need to tell others that they don't have to pay for drugs - they can demand that the prices be reduced. They have to speak up for what they think is right. Please pass this on the others in your town for me, and this will open their eyes to what is going on. The drug companies are greedy people and don't care about you and your diseases. They thrive on the fact that you are ill and need drugs. The medical system is tied into that also - those who administer the drugs to you.

Yes I know this. How do we stop all this?

By education and getting more people talking about it, demanding representation on their behalf.

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