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Members of Parliament
Representing the New Democratic Party.

24th January, 2006

received telepathically through Helen Engel

I have a message for the new NDP members who will be elected today.

Victory is ours. Victory is yours. Every time that one NDP member is elected to the House of Commons, we can declare victory.

The powers that be have a very tight control over Canada, and it takes a great deal of effort to force them to relinquish that control.

I would like to introduce you to a new force that will help you in the coming years. It is the telepathic community in Canada. This group is growing by leaps and bounds. There are several in each province, waiting to communicate with our forefathers on behalf of the people of Canada.

I have had the pleasure of communicating with two telepathists, as has J. H. Brockelbank and O. W. Valleau, both from Saskatchewan.

After the election one of our favorite telepathists will communicate with your leader, and before long you will feel comfortable receiving messages from us.

We can provide guidance regarding the formation of a new electoral system, new economic routes, a method to force the drug companies to lower prices, and advice on decentralization of power. We can see the whole picture, and our interests are with our wonderful Canada.

Congratulations on your many victories.

I am Tommy, and I am surrounded by many confreres from days gone by.

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