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Leader of the New Democratic Party.

24th January, 2006

Telepathic Instutute of North America

We are elated that Jack Layton and the team did so well. Please tell Jack Layton this:

Hello Jack,


Please do know that when we left earth, we merely moved to a new dimension of knowing. We look a bit different, but our consciousness has opened up, and we are more aware of the truth.

2006 can be the Year for Telepathy. In churches, in universities, people will become aware that it is possible to receive guidance from loved ones, and from the Ancients who have resided in these realms for hundreds of years.

The telepathic community in Canada is interested in NESARA, and in assisting with education, land reform, education, care of the environment, and removing the disparity of income between Canadians. These are all a part of the NDP platform.

Please listen when the telepathists speak, because they will be expressing our thoughts.

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