Messages from the CELESTIALS


and the PEOPLE of CANADA

27th December 2005

through Helen Engel

H: Good day, Mr. Douglas. Are you and the others feeling some of the excitement of an election?

T: We feel it, and always feel it, because we wish to give some guidance. Now that several of us have been here, and have a greater awareness of the possibilities for mankind on earth, we wish to spread the good news.

H: Mr. Douglas, the floor is yours.

T: I would like to speak to the people of Canada, and in this instance I am choosing Ed Schreyer because he is near to Helen, and can vouch that she is what we are telling you. She is a servant, and a scribe, and she is doing an excellent job.

Now to the facts. There is a veritable army of workers waiting to be called, but there is no one to call them to duty. The politicians in Canada have not been aware of a grassroots element that is very much hopeful for a change in the system of government in Canada. They abhor the unequal representation in government, and they are tired of the present parliamentary system.

The people of Canada want a change in the system of government.

We in our realm can describe to them how other planets govern. On Pleiades, for example, they have a cooperative government, and have had for thousands of years. The government works as does a library board. Elections are held regularly, and members move up according to talent, enthusiasm, experience, and willing to serve. We are most interested that a council be formed, so that with the assistance of Helen or some other telepathist, we could guide you as to how to tell the people of Canada what you have in mind, and how it could be brought about.

We would begin again, as did the CCF in the 1930s and 1940s, with cells, and constituency groups. However, the really important changes must be made at the top, where the Senate will be removed, and government will be truly of the people.

We shall speak about this more if and when Ed Schreyer and a few of his confrères see the merit of our offer. There are a great many warriors on our side, ready to do battle. Please line up with us as soon as you can, to the benefit of the people of Canada.

Good work, Helen, you are a noble fighter.

H: Thank you, Tommy.

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