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TC DOUGLAS Canadian Update

18th July, 2012

through Zilanthrah

Let us share the state of affairs on the political scene. I could say that it cannot get any worse, however a statement like that would not be honest. And we all know that honesty is the best policy.

Well, it's a fact that we know that. Many of your so called leaders do not. They continue to stick to the old ways that have coagulated in the bottom of the swill bucket. The reason they behave this way is strictly out of fear. They have been warned and they have been threatened by their bosses of the dark upper echelon. The threats and warnings are not taken lightly because they are not given lightly. They know that their lives and the lives of their loved ones are at stake. So they continue.

However, there is good news. They are given the choice, just as their US counterparts are given the choice; one that will allow them freedom. And many of them will choose to follow the Light. The majority of them are not unintelligent folk, they have been duped into believing that their lives would be filled with financial freedom and with the glory of being right up there with the best of them. Now they realize that "the best of them" are not the best and they put a lot of thought into those who have chosen to follow the Light. And what better choice might there ever be than to follow that Light of all Light!

They have been hearing "Do it - or ELSE!" We will leave the 'or else' to you even though you cannot imagine the horror. When I say horror, the pain they would have to endure really is not imaginable.

They make the attempt to gather together, yet they are not sure whom to trust. They want to share their feelings of doubt as to what they continue to do. They want to be free to say it out loud and be heard. Are they doing the right thing? "Who of us will choose Light and who will continue to follow this path? Who else besides me wants out? Who of us is brave enough to take the stand?" They are scared. They know there is safety in numbers, but are these numbers looking to leave the fold? Or are they someone who might turn them in? For them, sleepless nights will continue.

So, they are vigilant because they know that soon they too may be in the spotlight. The roundup continues and heads north, just as it heads in all directions from the lairs of their sly bosses.

The lairs they have chosen are ones that were set up a long time ago and have served them well in the early days of the hunt. And this is how it is; they are being hunted by brave ones who have taken on the mission. And it is a most dangerous mission. As you know, there have been fatalities. By the time it is all said and done, they will be mere specters; nearly unrecognizable, for it weighs heavily on their physical vessels. Although they are losing their battle, they continue. However, they are not bearing up well. They are disposable and they know it. And wouldn't this be expected? They wonder about those at the top; how are they faring? Are they on their multi million dollar yachts with workers at their beck and call just as they always were? Why should they not suffer too? Infighting occurs globally, but it was their choice to sign on, was it not?

How the tables have turned! Lives of gluttonous opulence to lives on the run, without proper nutrition or rest to keep their bodies strong. These ones are able to endure for a long time because of their makeup. Remaining strong physically is certainly an asset in times of traveling and laying low. And they have never worried. It was not even part of their vocabulary. Worry was what they created. They are beginning to see what they inflicted upon others and they do not like how it affects them. They want to regain their stronghold, to be who they were and have their power back.

But it is not to be. On a deep level, they are aware of this. Yet those in the upper echelon do not give in or give up. One of their warnings to those working under them remains. "NEVER GIVE UPů..OR ELSE!" So, when you begin to see a subtle change taking place in your parliament, know that it has reached those who still rely on the power of their leaders and that they are making their choices. It will be made obvious, just as what is transpiring south of you has been made obvious.

And so I say to you in the Light, "Never give up!" It is obvious from this side that you have not and that you will not. Once again, we commend your faith and your loyalty. Stay strong. This is TC Douglas, over and out.

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