T.C. (Tommy) DOUGLAS


NESARA INTERNATIONAL: T.C.Douglas 1st February 2012

through Zilanthrah


Greetings my dear friends, it is now time for a communication from yours truly, TCD. As was my way when in a body, I will speak plainly but still from my heart of hearts. I will speak to your dear hearts, of which are loving and kind, devoted and true. This is what I love about you, it is easy to see your energy. You have nothing to hide so why shouldn't we be able to know one another as family? It has been some time. I feel it important to drop in, to say hello, to help keep your ascension juices flowing and to share important information! It can be tedious sometimes, when your world seems topsy turvy and at times when it feels stagnated. Certainly the latter has not been the case of late. This is obvious. A large number of folk who were snoring away very recently have begun to rub the goo from their eyes. They see that there is more than what the eye has been seeing for a whole life time and are wondering. They regarded themselves as pretty smart folk and to suddenly become aware that there is a whole new panoramic view of the world, yet not as they have known it, really boggles their minds. Well, holy smokes!

The speed at which these folks are changing is quite something to behold. It is reason to rejoice and rejoicing is what we do best. Just give us a reason and we are celebrating. And lo and behold, I do not have to tell you that this is something worth rejoicing over!

For those who have been on the path for many a year, we salute you, as we do on a regular basis. And we marvel at your strength. We recognize that the path has become weary and your energy shows it. Perhaps you need time to recharge and do what it is that works for you. Just like a battery charger recharges the battery, this is what you might do for yourselves. Good God - look at your lives - you deserve recharging. If you feel like taking time off to just laze around, then for heaven's sake, laze around! If it's movement your body craves, then by all means, move that body. Take it dancing, even if it means taking it for a spin on your kitchen floor! When in a body, a customary reel lifted the spirits and allowed the old goo to roll off; what a feeling of jubilation it brought on many occasions!

However you choose to celebrate and to reward yourselves, our energy stands with you nudging you along. Remember that we love to celebrate. This includes dancing and singing along with you. We will be your back up, even lazing on your couch. We work with you, so why wouldn't we show up in your living room or in your kitchen? Or the place you choose to trip the light fantastic? We do not mind one iota being passengers in your back seat. As a matter of fact, it is something we enjoy. Just because we are proficient in space travel does not mean we are not interested in the combustion engine! We take an interest in everything that you do.

There are changes afoot that will create for you a heightened degree of enthusiasm and motivation. It is indeed the time for excitement.

Above all, laugh and have fun. You are mavericks of a sort because of what you have done. Don't get me wrong, you're not done. You have some time left in the third frequency. Enjoy it as you continue your way to the fifth frequency. Imagine the delight and joy you will take with you from the third into the fifth. This is part of your mission, to take all your wonderful gifts with you; all your knowledge and wisdom and talents. And your ability to be lighter, your ability to express and to evoke peace from within others, as you do for yourselves. We see all that you have done and what I describe is only a little bit. You have indeed lightened up, thereby lightening your load, making it possible to walk with the grace that you are. You began with devotion and have reached magnificent heights of devotion at this point. These attributes that you have, and more are part and parcel of what is coming in the way that you can utilize all of your training and all of your attributes. Well, Alleluyah!

When this shift occurs, you will be utilizing your higher senses! And it will really be something. If you think you have experienced some nifty things thus far, just wait! This shift I am referring to is one which will not only raise your consciousness, but all of humanity's. You will receive a special shot of energy. And this is why the majority will require a time to pause as it happens. Know that there will be some who are required to remain awake, alert and coherent, for it will be different in the way that there will be more that they require to learn. Earth will receive a burst of energy like none before. She has been preparing and preparing for the new birth. And here it comes. She requires some shifting that is best done while her inhabitants take a breather. She will have many changes occur within and without. And so will you. All of this requires integration. This will be your stasis period.

There have been all sorts of goings-on in your skies of late, the proof is there in front of you. It can only mean one thing and that is that great, great things are happening. I would say YAHOO if I were in your shoes!

Of course, your realities play a part in all the goings-on. Everyone's reality is different, so the shifts to occur will be seen differently. Just remember that you're all heading for home and that you have the same goal in mind. Again, it boils down to intention.

Earth's intention is that she evolves to her next step of becoming a star. It is part of her natural ascension. Will she transform in to a star spontaneously or will she take more steps to get there? Could it really happen in the blink of an eye?

What we say is that you are learning how to be in the now. And each now moment progresses into the next now moment. So, let us take each moment at a time. Let us just go with it. Let us surrender to the great plan that is orchestrated. We trust the ascension process, so we have nothing to fear. We have only to understand that Love will truly become the basis for being. As you journey over the bridge that leads you from the third reality to the next reality, you will experience all the joy that you have created. This is where all of your higher senses will be used. Enjoy every moment and know that the next moment is even better. Be relaxed and know that peace is yours. You are freeing yourselves from a world of chaos and chicanery and it is high time you caught a break. And here it is.

We are speaking about truth now and always. In the higher frequency there is only truth. So let us be truthful in this now. You have been deliberately and maliciously harmed and now you are free. You have freed yourselves. Let us celebrate that!

You are definitely becoming a higher being as you cross the bridge that you have built for yourselves that leads you to the new consciousness, the one that you have built for yourselves. My dear friends and co creators, how about we celebrate that!

I tip my hat to you. I will tip it when we meet on that bridge. TC Douglas signing off.


NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Tommy Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan, Father of Medicare Return to Canadian Politicians from the Past

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