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Addresses the Old Timers

29th January, 2011

through Zilanthrah

I address the Old Timers, those who have been around for a long time on this grand planet. This of course, includes my favorite country men, my beloved Canadians. You who are known as baby boomers have done your work very well. When I refer to you as Old Timers, there is no connotation of age attached. It is with the utmost of respect and admiration that you so rightly deserve. It is out of our love for you, as fore runners of the times who have completed the various stages of the ascension program.

You now have a choice. You can retire from this seemingly formidable task that has had your nose to the grindstone these long life times. Or you can dance with joy and rejoice at your accomplishments. Or you can prepare and look forward to even more accomplishments.

Once again, I salute you. I recognize your colors, your energy, your tones and mostly, your enduring Love and loyalty. You are like the old dog that has seen and been through much. He takes his time now and gets up slowly. Instead of jumping up excitedly and barking, he opens one eye to see if it's worth jumping up for. Yet, underneath the fašade of an old dog, he knows fully well that there is still much to become excited about. He needn't even open an eye. He can lift an ear and he can tell whether it's time to arise or not. After all, there may be a cat right around the corner. Yet he does it all with patience and with ease, without drama.

We know that indeed, you can teach an old dog new tricks. And this is what he waits for because when he sees fit to jump up with excitement to take a look, there he is with tail wagging and ears perked up. You, my dear old timers, are the ones who brought the energy of the journey here. You, my dear Old Timers are the ones who lived the journey, and who fell down the well more than once. And you got yourself out of that well more than once. Mind you, you had help getting out of that well. And deservedly so, for you knew there was still work to be done. And going a journey alone isn't as enjoyable as with a companion along side of you.

So, you can relax and keep an eye open. Keep one ear ready. You have boldly gone where no man has gone. And you know there is yet another place to go where no man has been. So, you wait patiently. And you are relaxed about it. This is delightful to observe. It is laughable, but not one is laughing at you. Rather, it is a "been there, done that" laugh. It is the laugh of a friend who understands, it is the laugh of another Old Timer who has lived it as you have, and lived it very well. It is the comfortable laugh of love. It comes from one who understands that there is more to come and that you will handle it with the wisdom of experience and the faith of one who has been around the block; who knows that all is well.

You have wisdom to offer. Does anyone listen? (only if they have to!) It does not matter to you. You are not pushy or belligerent about it. You have matured like a fine wine. And you deserve a glass of that wine occasionally. You have earned it, my dear friends, my dear Old Timers. You have accomplished in this life a myriad of learning and accomplishments that would take several lifetimes. You rely on your inner wisdom. You deserve your daily walk, but at your leisure. You deserve to be fed, but when you are hungry. You deserve to sleep, but when you are tired. You deserve the comforts of home. You do not allow anyone to push you around. If you come across that kind of person, you ignore them. And so you should, for you have earned the respect that you deserve.

You have cleared the path for many others. Some do not know this. Some day they will because of the mass awakening taking place. But it does not matter to you, you are not looking for accolades. You understand because you have accumulated wisdom along your journey, especially when you were down in the well. You understand integrity, and you live it.

Believe me, there is coming a time when you will have your cake and eat it too. Remember to order your favorite kind, because you have earned it and you deserve it. When the whipper snapper brings you the wrong cake, you either send it back or you enjoy it. And you do this because you know it is not important and you know it is your choice. You understand. You know what is important.

You have loved and you have lost. However the best part is that you have received all the love that you deserve. And you have earned it. If you could count the number of entities who love you on this side, you would have a good hearty laugh. And laugh you should. You know that it is the only way. You know that taking yourself seriously serves absolutely no purpose.

You know there have been countless ones who made the attempt to enslave, to ensnare, to deceive, to lead astray. Yet, you are victorious. Because you understand what is important in the life of the human being.

You do not ask for much. You do not demand. You are patient and you are kind. And you are generous. You give in return and you give without return.

We so respect and admire the Old Timers. And remember that you still have a choice. When the time comes, you will be called back into action. If you so choose, we will be more than happy to have you walking with us, working together. Your wisdom will be needed and deeply appreciated at the appropriate time. You built a country; you built a world. And at the appropriate time, you will enjoy the benefits of doing so. You will be on the gravy train, the 5th dimensional gravy train for Old Timers. And we will be overjoyed to have you. We look forward to being along side you. We look forward to seeing your rejuvenated, reinvigorated healthy bodies; and to your enjoyment of those bodies. Youth will not be wasted on the young, for you have earned it and you deserve it.

My fellow Old Timers, keep that ear pricked. Open that eye when it is time. We will be in your periphery, hands out to greet our fellow Old Timers, for we are very close now.

The powers that be will no longer be. Your country is full of others like you who will carry their peace like a flag. Your energy will be like a beacon for those who are interested; like moths to a flame. There will be no burning up, there will be excitement and enthusiasm for what you have to share. And it will be magnificent. Your strength of character and your peace of mind will be contagious.

Carry on, dear Old Timers, you deserve to. You have earned it. You will be able to experience your life's dreams during the best time of your existence. You can sail in your ocean going vessel. You can ride that camel to the pyramids or glide in your ultra light. You can walk hand in hand with your deceased loved one. Pick your dream. As a matter of fact, pick all your dreams. Have a list at the ready and prepare for your reward.

But please remember, when you hear us calling you back into action, it is because we want you with us. Your wisdom and your intelligence are needed. We want your patience and your understanding, your peace and your love, your compassion and your generosity.

It is time to retire from the last phase. As the new phase begins, it is your call to serve once again, but in a different manner and with a new focus; a higher vibration and a raised perspective.

Thank you, dear Old Timers. Carry on as you were. And know that you have done a superb job, one to be proud of. There is no measure of the pride, respect and admiration that we feel for you and we look forward to getting to know you better. You have much to offer; to both the brotherhood of humanity and to the brotherhood of other worldly Old Timers.

Take pride in who you are. We celebrate who you are and we insist that you do the same. Your integrity and honesty have not gone unnoticed, neither has your kindness and peaceful hearts.

I am TC Douglas and today I think it time that I speak to the dear ones, the Old Timers who have served well. We salute you. We will see you at the designated time and we will work together with the One whose guidance we have served under.

And don't take any wooden nickels. Over and out, dearest Old Timers; the forerunners of the times.

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