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returns to address Canadians again

Stay focused on the Light

(addressing Canadians, but with worldwide application)

29th July, 2010

through Zilanthrah

Once again, we greet you with sincerity and the utmost admiration. We wish to let you know what a great job you are all doing and to please continue to hang on to your hats. We salute those who work toward bringing Unity to this great country that you live in.

Allelujah, your endurance continues to astonish us! Your positive natures and your hopes for the future are something that we marvel at. We know that you are tired of hearing the same old same old. We do not care for it any better than you do. But you MUST endure, you MUST hold steadfast!

And once again, we want you to know that tremendous changes are happening, are ongoing and are leading you to the point of no return. What you hear through the media is still a far cry from the Truth, a far cry from what is really happening in your great country and on your planet. The tendency to report on the negative and completely ignore the positive remains unchanged although there are leaks of good news happening here and there. Please consider that this point of no return lies within your grasp; it is in the palm of your hands; hang onto it!

And I tell you that these changes are stupendous ones; all is lined up, it is all coming together. Please continue with your patience and know that all is well. There is nothing that you can do or must do, but know that it is all being taken care of. Relax that stiff upper lip and put on a smile. There is always something to smile about. With futures that you are about to have, how can you not smile!

If it were not for the new administration in the US, that country would have fallen into complete disaster, ruination. There would have been bloodshed in the streets; the worst case scenario that you could imagine. And it would have affected every other country. Leaders of every country are aware of what is happening and are following suit wherever they can, yet it is not known publicly. The stabilization that was planned was put into place to a high degree of importance. And it has paid off thus far.

To keep the country on an even keel while working with us planning new systems is no small feat. The entourage surrounding those in high places is phenomenal. There are councils and councils and even more councils. You can bet that there has been some bending of time to be able to fit everything in that is necessary, even though for you, it feels to be dragging on. But still, keeping the focus is so important.

And those who still dig their fingernails into the dash are out of here. There will be those who take their places and these ones will be the ones to encourage and applaud change. They will be bringing it in.

This great country of Canada is so ready. Your wonderful deserving citizens yearn for change and they will have it. We are working with the corps who will present an entirely new plan. We are finalizing those ones who will be at the fore. We have been convening and reconvening, writing and rewriting. These ones are in the wings and they are strong.

Input from folks from all walks of life and different backgrounds will help to create a Unity like never before. All voices will be heard by the corps for change and freedom. Small communities will be represented and their voices will be heard. This corps will carry the attributes and input that will become the backbone of reformation; reformation of a country that has always stood for freedom and equality. The difference now will be that it will be real. Know that this is indeed to occur and focus on your brand new world. Focus on your peace and your unity. Hold those thoughts, for they are indeed powerful.

Great and wondrous occurrences are part of the daily workings in the White House. The president is guided in every step that he takes by those put there specifically for that purpose. He bursts with the longing to be the one to introduce full disclosure and to introduce cosmic brethren to humanity. He is walking a fine line. The number of new programs that will kick 3D out of the system is unimaginable. Not only is this administration handling old programs to create the appearance of a stable country so that the country does not fall flat on its face, but they have devised new programs that are to be introduced to the nation and the world at the right time. You can believe that those involved with bringing news of change; of freedom to the world are beyond excited and can hardly keep from smiling and laughing when they think about what is to come. For now, discretion is a priority but you will notice when you pay attention to his words that he articulates so that you understand that he is aware of the big picture and is striving to bring this into Earth's reality. He is attempting to hold fast to the dreams of a new humanity. And you can be sure that he will not break Universal Law. This will never again be allowed.

You have a lot on your plates. We wish that you not worry, that you understand that the old ways are behind you. Do not allow negative stories to affect your reality. It is just a part of the old world taking its last breaths. Use your compassion, be kind to your neighbor. And to yourself. Hold fast to your beliefs! You are beyond the fear and the hype and you know that it does you no good to let it in. It makes it more difficult for you because there is no model or example set that shows that there is a better world forming. So enjoy anything of a positive nature and include that as part of the new world that is forming. Let yourself be inspired and motivated. Out with the old, in with the new. Be day dreamers and be big day dreamers. And if something more does crop up of a negative nature, please disconnect yourselves from it, and if you can, disconnect completely. Let the old world kick around in the dust as it needs to but stay out of the dust. The seeds that you have blossomed into are fertilizing the thoughts and minds of others, so you're the example, you're the ones who cut new paths. Dear people, stay in the Light!

You can be sure that the oil spill has awakened a great many people. That this was a possibility was not thought of by the perpetrators and the fact that it backfired is sure proof that these old ways of deceit and corruption have changed. Those who suffer, those who have been short changed are strong and courageous folks. They will be all right as will the environment. This will come to pass. Another great sadness, yet the catastrophe has served a higher purpose.

It is the divine nature for you to feel at ease, to have abundance and freedom and this is where you are now. From the outside, it certainly does not appear to be this way. But in your hearts, you know that it is. Mutating obviously can be unpleasant. So much is happening to your bodies and you take it well and in stride. Know that we have your backs and are staying there for as long as it takes.

My dear people, remember, even though all appears quiet on the home front, it isn't. The dust hasn't settled yet and somebody somewhere may kick up another storm to keep you on your toes. Take it as the upstanding and outstanding cosmic citizens that you are and see yourselves planting that flag of freedom on the blessed soil of this great country of Canada and on this great planet together, as citizens of the world. Hold fast to the Light!

I am Tommy Douglas and I salute you, my dear friends.

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