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returns to address Canadians again

The Lightworker Parade

(addressing Canadians, but with worldwide application)

16th November, 2009

through Zilanthrah

Greetings. Salutations. How the energies have changed! It gives us great pleasure to be witness to the great changes occurring in this grand country. It is an honor to create with you these tremendous changes. We can almost hear the grinding, the creaking and the snapping of the structures that the old boys set up ages ago. The old emperors and their empires sound like the crashing of big branches into bits to be trampled by a marauding herd on the run. But the joke is on the emperors of old, for it is they who are the herd on the run, trampling themselves into oblivion. When the dust settles, there will be nothing of their old world to see.

Instead there will be a new way of existence, the new way of your being. The structures of the new ways are being created by you, in fact your uplifting and positive thoughts of creation are a reality in our finer dimension. It is merely a matter of your time until they are anchored before your very eyes. For now, they are anchored in your mind. When you see a new and better way of being, we see it too. And we are able to assist with your visions and creations. So by all means, envision away. Create anew!

When your attention is focused and your intention becomes part of your reality, it appears in our dimension. As your focus fades, the appearance of it in this dimension fades somewhat. However, each time that you again focus your attention, the energy of your creation grows here. It becomes clearer, more focused and brighter. It is like you are watering, fertilizing and nurturing. As you do so, it evolves. At times you are so busy focusing on the illusion of your dimension that your focus here wanes as you are distracted by the illusion. Maybe we can all gather together on a mountain top the way that the yogis have done. It might be a way to focus and hold your intention.

Seriously, there is no need to go to these lengths. It can be done from the comfort of your homes and with the ease of your hearts. On some level you know that creating is natural for you. Really, who will do it for you? It is your responsibility; however, when there is a great number of you being responsible together to create a better way of life - whoa; now thatís the ticket! And we see how well you work together with this same focus.

There is a ribbon of energy that links and binds all of you together. It's the Lightworker Parade; the Lightworker Brigade. Toot your horns, bang your drums. Make those bagpipes swell! March proudly and step lightly for you have done it, my good fellows. The tide has indeed turned. It is heading toward a new shore in a new dawn where the sun rises and sets in peace. And you have heralded in the brand new dawn.

We are dismayed at how the political parties wane and quiver. Alas, there is great creaking and groaning in the halls of these men as they continue with tired old ways. There are some with new ideas, however they are not able to launch them yet. There will be new blood with a consciousness for creating change. The turning tide in this arena begins to the south. The tide is turning there first. And your country will follow, in a unique way.

The old boys idea of creating war zones around the world are over, done with. A new level has been reached in your world. The thought of war, of killing, now leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of humans. They are sickened by it. The population of this good Earth are very ready for change. It does not take much now for those ones to jump on a proverbial bandwagon of change and of new ways.

Make sure that your bandwagon is one of good intention, of goodwill. People are ready to flock toward goodwill and change. Your ideas that are floating around need folks to gather them up, go with them, build on them. Look to the future, for people are ready to snap up your ideas.

Speak quietly and from the heart for there is no telling what might happen. Goodwill toward fellow man results in more goodwill. It will grow and it will swell, building a giant wave that will sweep this magnificent land. The wave carries the energy of the future that rides the swell from sea to sea.

I am proud of this great country. I am proud of what she is becoming. Look after her well.

Hold this magnificent country high. See her in the finer dimension with a glow around her; a golden glow that represents the integrity and the potential of the fine citizens of this great country. And know that you, my good fellows, are highly capable of creating such.

I am TC Douglas. I say thank you for hearing me. I salute you from my heavenly soapbox.

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