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returns to address Canadians again


27th April 2009

through Zilanthrah

Good day. I greet my fine citizens of this great and magnificent country of Canada. I wish to comment on the latest happenings in the world of policy and politicking. We in our realm observe with glee as changes occur.

There are a great many who walk with the president of the United States. This is highly important as there are still those who would remove him and what he represents. There has become less fear on your planet for these connivers to feed on and they grow weaker. With each passing day, what occurs in the White House brings them down a rung on their ladder of debauchery and deceit. Yet they cling with whitened knuckles even as they hatch another diabolical plan. They cling to their old ways that worked well and promoted fear throughout the world. This so called flu that is said to have pandemic abilities ranks among an old ploy that they have rehatched to promote fear. The big business in cahoots with these unscrupulous ones are the accomplices.

Many humans are aware that vaccinations have been a dark plan for many years as another way to pull the wool over the citizen's eyes who follow outside authority rather than follow their inner wisdom. Know that there will be no pandemic and fear not; the higher realms are on it. The dark ones will strike out once again as they did in past with a similar plan. Their creations of diversions are anticipated by those who work for earth and ascension and consider diversions a mere hiccup.

We would advise that the vaccination not be taken.

From our vantage point, we are exhilarated with the changes that continue to occur. The order of events must be strictly adhered to, as this time is the culmination of an almost do or die plan. Therefore, things appear to be progressing slowly. Be aware, however, that plans have been made in advance and the strategy is being followed to the letter. These important changes require to be integrated by the population and there is no need to strike fear into folks; the strategy is designed to be gentle for their well being. After all, it is well known that many humans have aversion to change. Of course, there are those diehards who will not budge an inch, but their time is coming.

There is a great one who walks to the right of Mr. Obama. He is of the highest order and it is ordained that this is his bag. It is his stage, so to speak and he is the director. He has a big crew, both visible and invisible. If only you might understand and see how it is all orchestrated, you would double over with glee and surprise. It is really an arrangement between heaven and earth with mankind being the instruments of change.

Some of those who walk with Barak Obama from our side are those who served in a similar capacity in some lifetimes where much good came to those civilizations. These ones are in their glory to be able to walk again in this capacity. One of them whispers into the president's ear at all times. His entourage is magnificent. And of course, this is all being recorded as the most historical time of change on Earth.

This is having an effect of shake ups in your political system. Many are changing their way of thinking and many are jubilant because this is their way of thinking. They look forward to the news each and every day in anticipation of more obvious changes that will help to make changes for their beloved country and the people that they so dearly love.

For the people, by the people and of the people will become a way of life. Of course, it might be rewritten to suit the new consciousness that is arising. That will be left to you, the stewards of the new consciousness.

I am Tommy C Douglas

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