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addresses Canadians again


1st January, 2009

through Zilanthrah

I was cutting carrots when TCD knocked on my door. Zoltair was snoozing. The puppies were snoozing and there was quiet music playing. There is a candle burning.

I feel gratitude in my heart.

TCD: I salute the citizens of this great country on this special day. In the ethers we see that there is a change sweeping this beautiful land. Consciousness of the people has changed collectively. Only great things will come from this. Know that there may be times ahead of more uncertainty, even of chaos, but know that it is all part of the huge changes sweeping this planet. Things simply cannot change without a bit of havoc, and the havoc that was created a long time ago by those of the lesser light takes time to be completely gone. No longer are there worries or concerns for us in the upper dimension for we are aware of what has transpired and know it is just a matter of time for you.

We cannot and will not yet call the major politicians of this great country 'stewards'. As of now, those who are running things are not our choice. All of those in power must not be allowed to continue the way they have been. The shake up that recently happened is a good thing as far as a catalyst for change as it has opened people's eyes. At least the citizens were rattled enough to discuss and share their feelings about. There is less apathy. It is like a preparation for even more shake ups.

The new leader of the CAP is seen as a beacon from our side. Continue corresponding and sending the odd information, but take it easy as you do this. Do not pile information up on him. When he begins to ask questions, you will know that all may be revealed. As such, they are a very small group, but there are more citizens being drawn to their ideology and mission. The Truth is the Truth, there is no denying this.

Know that there is great hope for this country. We will continue to guide and to monitor and do what we can from our side. We see this time as a new beginning of an era that is being recorded universally. We commend those of you who are involved and who outwardly express their desire for change to other people and to us. We feel the deepness of your commitment. We feel the same way about you and what you are doing individually and as a collective. Collectives are capable of such great works. We see more of you coming together during these times and we encourage you to do so. Keep your focus on higher ways of living and being. You really have no idea how powerful you are when you do this. And when you maintain this perspective for a time, well, Allelujah; the light that surrounds your planet shines more brightly and beautifully than ever.

I am with all of you who are like minded in your focus for the greater good of this great nation. We are all together in the times of change. And indeed, the times are a changing. I bid you victory and success in all your endeavors. We are all pleased to be working with you. The best days are here

Farewell, over and out.

I am TC Douglas and I bid you a good day.

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