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7th November, 2008

through Zilanthrah

"The tide in the affairs of man has turned. We clap one another on the back on our side and we shake hands celebrating the victory that has taken place in the United States of America.

We wish to comment on the turn of events, for all of planet Earth is to be changed forever. This victory of the American people is only the beginning of true change. There will be other events that will act as catalysts that will turn the consciousness of many more.

Allelujah! We congratulate those who are now empowered from their decision. What we have here is the result of the true democratic way! The eyes of millions have been opened and now they are doing some real thinking. For they now understand that the meaning of "power" is different from what they have understood. "Power" has in the recent past been distorted by those who desired it. "Power" has been held by the few for so long. But true power lies in every individual, in their hearts and in their minds. People have awakened to the fact that they hold true power within themselves. These people have been empowered by their choice of President. They can only go onward and upward from now on.

We see from our viewpoint a change throughout the planet. There is a new energy afoot. It is a calmness and a feeling of security, of hope. Faith has been strengthened and where there was no faith, it has been born. The level of fear in the United States has diminished greatly, as well as the level of fear on a global scale.

This has promoted the beginning of harmony and balance. You have experienced within yourselves a different feeling. Imagine that this will happen again and again as each new event turns the tide even more. It is the beginning of real Joy, something that humankind has not known for so long. The beginning of Joy came with the election results. People are sleeping more securely and soundly in their beds at night and this is the way that it should be for all.

There is a group who walk with Barak Obama. He is subtly being taught, although he is not at this time aware. Changes will happen within him subtly. As the time becomes appropriate, he will reveal his own inner longings for peace and equality in a way that will be understood and felt in the heart of America. The seed that has been planted will grow and mature within this man. He will be a shining example as he speaks for all. As he does this, hope will reawaken in those who live in poverty, and to live in poverty is not the way man was intended to live. There will come an appropriate time when those who are poised to assist with feeding and housing those less fortunate will be upon you. We are aware that this is something you have discussed and planned. You will continue to receive guidance during this extraordinary task.

The foundation of this great country of Canada has been shaken to the core. I speak of government. No longer is the old boys club ruling. Because of this, there will be changes in this country. We cannot foresee how quickly this will happen, but know that it is already underway. There are many politicians in this country who are ready for change. They will be the forerunners, although they are mostly waiting to see the changes of reform in the US first. Then they will follow the lead to create changes in this country. We are aware that many in this great country wish that they could select a leader like the new US president. Know that your day will come too. We have been celebrating on our side, as you have. We have seen great leaders of major countries of the world doing their own celebrating. A great planetary sigh of relief has been heard.

Some of you know about Moses in the desert. It took a generation to change the way that his people thought. It has taken a generation to change the consciousness of the citizens of America. We see and rejoice in the fact that there is an unprecedented number of young people who have assisted with the outcome of the election. It is their consciousness that has helped to affect change. These young ones are important in the changing times to come. They will be invaluable in creating a new system, for they have been depressed about what lay in their futures if the old regime continued. There has been a freedom fanned and flamed in the heart of America.

There is a plan in effect that will take place step by step. As the people become ready, the plan will take hold. It will give them incentive and enthusiasm to continue to play their part in democracy. This will cause more empowerment. They have hopped aboard the freedom train and are ready to ride the track that will carry them down the line to peace, harmony and freedom.

This is the beginning of Stewardship with Divine Guidance.

We salute this great country of Canada. We salute the great country of the United States and congratulate all on the victory that you so richly deserve.

I am TC Douglas and the dove has landed. Over and out."

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