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addresses Canadians again


24th October, 2008

through Zilanthrah

The term suggested, "Stewardship with Divine Guidance" is one that we will use from now on. It describes the new era well. Using the term "government" is derogatory and those who hear the word might be turned off by the very sound of it. Many are fed up with what the word has represented for so long. Those looking and ready for something new will receive the term "Stewardship with divine guidance" well.

All is well. All is serene. We applaud those on your side who have the intent to serve for it is a powerful intent. With it comes great responsibility and we are here to ensure that all is carried out in a timely and divine fashion. We are for the people of our beloved country of Canada.

There are groups here who work with others in different countries. They are prodding those humans who are suitable to interpret the new era's stewardship, for they have a burning desire for change.

Change will come in all forms. Those who rule the Earth with greed and corruption will be struck as by lightning. Many have fallen and more will fall. Power of the selfish is failing. Many are running with their tails between their legs. It is a sight for us here. We applaud when another one bites the dust. By that I mean when one falls as he is running. But the best is when one sees the Light and renounces his ways, turning to the Light and recognizing the good that is within themselves. Many marvels are occurring and we are alert at all times as we do not wish to miss a thing.

Great change is in the air. It is being given on the wings of the Great Breath who loves all beings and this great planet .The Great Plan is implemented by the Steward above who wishes only the best for his people.

I am TC Douglas and I bid you a good day.

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