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addresses Canadians again


12th October, 2008

through Zilanthrah

I greet you with salutations! I am one who has been within the political structure of the precious country of Canada. It is a time for giving thanks in your country. I see that there are huge changes afoot and these are spectacular! It is a demanding time yet a joyful one where gigantic changes are underway.

It is heartening to be aware of so many citizens who are consciously aware during this stupendous era, the era of changed thinking. This time is an historical one. You may say that there is a line up on our level and there is excitement and anticipation knowing that the time of utmost importance is upon Canada. And all the world.

We are honored that we will be of assistance. We are coming through those who are capable of being our messengers. We remain patriotic and wish for volunteers from your great country of Canada, although we are more than willing to come through any who are of the intent of the greater good, as the greater good is a focal point.

As we are knowledgeable with the Constitution, we wish to implement the true constitution that we call the Constitution of the new era. With assistance from our side, true democracy will become the practice. We wish to commend those in groups who are working toward the same goal of peace and harmony for all. For it is in this group practice that much will be brought to you. Know that there is a group here on our level who will be working with you. It shall be group to group. We relay down the line to your end of the line. We dial and you pick up the receiver and act as receiver.

Our collaborations here are in the works. We have great plans that will affect change in a way that will boggle the mind. Our plans include government of and for peace and with Joy that will bring enthusiasm to each citizen. Citizen participation is key, for true democracy, especially divine democracy thrives with every individual being as important and equal as the next. This new democracy will vary from what is in place at present, although the important guidelines will still be the major keys that will be followed.

All constitutions will be followed in this way and will include divine guidance from those on our side who are knowledgeable in the field and have had experience on Earth in previous times. Those of us with positive experience, who effected positive change will be at the fore.

It will be wise to seek other telepaths who are like minded and who have the desire to serve their country with bringing in the greatest change in the history of humankind. Having knowledge or interest in politics is not required, as in the new era, things will be new. Therefore you will not have to unlearn everything that you have learned. However, you will be able to draw upon past knowledge you carry from past times, and by this I refer to past lives that will benefit the plan for a government that is for the people, rather than the one that is in place at this time. Its days are numbered and we here rally and cheer as we watch the disintegration of the assembly of the old boys club. New government includes the highest good of every man, woman and child, every race, ever creed, every color.

As the new plan for government unfolds, you will be delighted and in awe of how a government can include peace, brotherhood, and harmony among all.

We look forward to working with those who will step forth as our messengers.

We cannot tell you of the outcome of your upcoming election. Here is such apathy in the citizens that may do not care, and have not for some time. As manipulation is still occurring, it may be that the outcome is not in the best interests of the Canadian people. However, know that this will not last long. The last kick at the cat is being taken and the cat may not be there much longer. They can only kick for so long before there is no cat left or the cat turns and fights back. The cat has become empowered and will not and cannot take any more.

The powers that be are hanging on by their fingernails. You all know better and when the loud snap in the US is heard around the world, all governments will instantly be affected and all people. Then you will see the beginning and it will be something to raise your arms in the air and shout "Hooray, Alleluya." Bring it on!"

I am happy that you have opened yourself to be a messenger. Let us look forward to more. I am the one who was Tommy Douglas. I am with and for the beloved people of Canada.

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