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20th October 2006

through Lisa

Good morning Lisa. This is Tommy Douglas. Thank you for inviting me to speak with you this morning. I am aware that some Canadian TV. stations are still showing some of my life accomplishments these days. I'm glad because I think it will make Canadians focus on what is really important: preserving our rights to a better life, food, clothing, housing and medical care for everyone. Remember how hard it was to implement any changes in the 60s. I worked tirelessly throughout my life for justice and human rights for all Canadians. I felt the quickest place to accomplish this was implementing new laws.

Looks like the black cats are in power again and have adopted an American agenda. As the present government spends billions on restoring the military, Canadians wait months for hospital beds, diagnosis or to see a specialist. There aren't enough doctors and nurses, why is that? Nothing new, this started a long time ago when the white cats were in power and then again it continued when the mice got in.

So what can we do you ask? Find yourselves new leaders. True humanitarians, ones who won't puff up when they get into the cat house. If you know such a person, it's time to have a chat with them about how we need people like him or her to bust the system. I'll bet each of you knows someone like that in your neighbourhood. Perhaps you are that person?

Here are the requirements: Must be true humanitarians, fairly good public speakers, historians. Must believe we have the power to make global changes very quickly if we band together. With the help of working people they must be willing to address and find solutions for the problems of global warming, an end to pollution, peace not war, food, clothing and housing for all, medical care for all, alternative sources of energy, cleaning up our planet, and education.

Some of you already have the solutions to these problems. We the people need to take action and implement them.

David Suzuki once said we better start making some serious changes because we are heading for that brick wall at 90 miles an hour. We are running out of time and we must decide soon if we are going to hit that wall or not.

Don't let the word "terrorism" stop you in your tracks. You've been programmed to be suppressed, to be afraid, to feel helpless to do anything. This is only an illusion. World leaders know you have the power to bring about great change if you decide to wake up and take action.

Your worst threats are your government leaders. They have never had your best interest in mind when they made decisions with your money. Remember I said they have their own agendas. They know if they do certain things, you will react the way they want you to. They are focused on acquiring more of the world's wealth. In a position of power they have access to much of that wealth if they succumb or cooperate with the ones who have it.

Together we can start making a better Canada, a better world. If you are a humanitarian or know some who meet these requirements please ask them to step forward. Get together in your home town and form groups.

I would like to acknowledge all the courageous sisters and brothers who attended the peace march in Manhattan. This is the kind of action we need all around the globe.

I am Tommy C Douglas ... have a pleasant day Lisa.

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