T.C. (Tommy) DOUGLAS

Many of us would like to speak with you

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: T.C.Douglas 14th December 2005

through Helen Engel


T.C. Douglas: Hello Helen. Tonight I would like to address the people of Canada, as Abraham Lincoln addresses the people of America. Our uncivil war is the same as their uncivil war. The steps that we must take to bring stability to our government are similar to theirs. Our government also has been invaded by secret powers who wield much power over the Canadian banks and corporations. The people of Canada must know that they have a right to their natural resources, to water, trees, ore in the ground.

I speak now to those in Parliament who take part in voting in legislation. I realize that much of the power of the House of Commons has been removed. It is necessary to give back to the Members of Parliament the right to make decisions that represent the wishes of their constituents, and not their prime minister. There needs to be a free vote in the House of Commons at all times.

I should also like to speak of medical care. The drug companies are destroying the Canadian medical care system, and this needs to be stopped. If it is necessary to remove the payment for all drugs from the service, then do that. This will bring the price of drugs down drastically, as people will not be able to afford them.

The other criteria is to convert money spent on providing drugs, to educating the people for healthy living. Teach them what causes diabetes, what causes cancer, and teach them how to prevent these diseases.

There are many noble Canadians who are now on this side [heaven], who will be able to speak to telepaths like you, and who will guide the leaders of each province. Tell the people to become aware that we are 'alive', that we have an interest in the welfare of Canada, and that we can guide you. The actual applying of pressure to your government lies with you.

May I wish all those whom I have known, as well as all Canadians, a most Joyous Season. Thank you, Helen, good work.


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