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29th May 2007

through Lillyean

After greetings to and from Tommy Douglas, I asked him what he was doing these days.

TD: "Watching what is going on, studying those in the public eye, seeing who are "good guys" as you call them, and who isn't, so they will be "sorted out" à la stasis. We have, unfortunately, too many in Canada too, who are greedy and use underhanded methods to get rich and powerful. They are "labelled" (for sorting.) (Laughs). This is a big job.

Pierre Trudeau is doing the same thing. It is a big job. We work together sometimes, sometimes apart. But we compare notes. He works with Quebec folk, as they "think" in French, and I don't. (laughs)

I know you are busy, but steer people toward the CAP/PAC(Canadian Action Party) as best as you can. As you know, they think as NESARA does. It doesn't matter if they, as a party, get in, or not, as per Milson's "Government" write up [a paper not yet published, but someone has obviously been reading over my shoulder! - Milson]. But you should become familiar with their names and their positions on various topics. You will need the leaders."

I asked about Lincoln.

"He is doing somewhat the same, except that he is delving into the "goods" and "not so goods" from the viewpoint of past lives. Who was so-and-so in past times? Was he bad in all of his incarnations? Has he been implanted? Or did he have a change of heart due to circumstances? From good to bad, or bad to good? This will help decide the correct placement for these people.

So, yes, we are all busy, but we do stop for refreshments, too. (Laughs) Thanks for asking!!!

Love, always, Lillyean - keep in touch. Tommy."

[Lillyean worked with Tommy Douglas in this lifetime]

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